Dear friends!
We hasten to share relevant information about the international music festival "Road to Yalta"!

Out of 157 applications, sent from 37 countries around the world, the jury of the international music festival "Road to Yalta" selected 15 contestants. All members of the jury noted the high level of preparation and originality of the applications submitted by the contestants.

According to the decision of the organizing Committee of the Festival, because of the COVID-2019 virus pandemic declared by WHO, the closure of borders and air traffic between countries, the semi-final concert of the Festival was held on May 8, 2020 at 7:45PM in the online format. For all comers, a live broadcast was organized on the air of the "Russia-Kultura" TV channel and on the Festival YouTube channel.

The final of the "Road to Yalta" Festival will take place on September 1, 2020 in the city of Yalta on the main Lenin embankment. In the Year of Memory and Glory, under the sky of Yalta, musicians from all over the world in their native languages will perform the best Soviet musical compositions about the Great Patriotic War. The strongest of the contestants will compete for the victory and cash prizes. The jury of the festival was formed of eminent Russian musicians, actors, cultural and art workers. The jury is headed by the People's Artist of the RSFSR — Lev Leshchenko.

including music groups
80 000€

prize pool

Russian and foreign
music stars
President of the "Humanitarian World Foundation"
A.F. Golodniy
"01" November 2019
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A.F. Golodniy
«17» march 2020
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1.1. These Regulations determine the procedure and regulations for the 1st international vocal competition "Road to Yalta" (hereinafter referred to as the Competition).

1.2. Preparations for and conduct of the Competition are carried out by the Foundation for Assistance to Compatriots in the Humanitarian and Social Problems Zones "HUMANITARIAN WORLD" (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer), which is within its competence:

  • the main governing body of the Competition, carries out general management and control;
  • carries out operational management of events within the framework of the Competition;
  • organizes rewarding of winners and laureates of the Competition;
  • approves the Jury;
  • establishes the procedure and records the results of the Competition;
  • approves the Regulation on the Competition and monitor its compliance.

1.3. The operational management of the contest is carried out by the Organizing Committee:
    • engages with information partners of the Competition;
    • places information about the Competition on the Internet site and in other mass media;
    • provides organizational and technical support of the Competition, the activities of Jury.

    1.4. Information about the Competition is available on the


    2.1. The festival is held in order:
    • involvement of the foreign audience in the national musical traditions and strengthening the true image of the Soviet soldier-liberator;
    • development of event tourism and positioning of the Republic of Crimea as an integral part of Russia;
    • preservation of historical memory and continuity of generations on the basis of song art about the great Patriotic war and the exploits of the Soviet people.

    2.2. Tasks of the festival:
    • organization of a correspondence competition among foreign artists for the best literary translation and performance of popular Russian songs of the war years in the national languages of the contestants;
    • creation of a platform in the Republic of Crimea for strengthening and expanding informal contacts of political, cultural and business circles on the basis of "musical diplomacy";
    • holding a gala concert of the festival, performance of wartime songs by foreign finalists in duets with Russian artists and summing up the results of the competition by involving foreign audiences in the process of online voting for the contestants;
    • attracting a community of bloggers from different countries and mass media to promote the goals of the festival and highlight the main stages of its implementation.


    3.1. The announcement of the Competition and the beginning of the competition procedures is made by the Organizer through the media and by publishing information on the website.

    3.2. The procedure for conducting competitive procedures includes the following stages:

    Stage I — qualifying. Pre-selection of contestants is carried out by the Organizer by collecting bids and evaluating their compliance with the established requirements.
    • Bids that do not meet the pre-selection requirements will not participate in the Competition.
    • Based on the results of the preliminary selection, the organizing Committee forms lists of contestants who have passed the preliminary selection, and evaluates the bids according to the indicators set out in the Regulations (section 8.2). In the interests of a comprehensive, objective and independent evaluation of bids, the results of the evaluation of each member of the organizing Committee are not subject to publication.
    • According to the results of the first stage, the Organizer creates a list of 15 (fifteen) contestants who received the highest final scores.
    • The selected contestants are invited to participate in the second and third stages of the competition.
    Stage II — semifinal in online format. Participants of the semifinal round are invited to complete a special competition task. The organizing Committee determines a song for the semi-final participant to perform at this stage. Tasks for the semi-final of the Competition are sent personally to the e-mail addresses of the participants who passed the qualifying round. The selected contestants must send a video performance of the received song to the following email address: no later than April 20, 2020. The competition jury evaluates and comments on the performance of the contestants during the semi-final round, draws up protocols indicating the number of points scored by each participant of the Competition and transmits them to the organizing Committee.

    Stage III — final. All participants who participated in the semifinal round and were admitted by the decision of the competition Jury are allowed to enter the final Round.

    3.3. The contestant has the right to refuse to participate in the Competition at any of its stages, having previously notified the organizing Committee before the planned date of termination of participation in the Competition.

    3.4. The organizing Committee has the right to announce an additional selection of contestants to participate in the Festival.

    3.5. The organizing Committee of the Festival provides 3 stages of online voting for the audience award. Stage 1 will take place during the broadcast of the semifinal concert of the international music festival "Road to Yalta", stage 2 — from the end of the broadcast of the semifinal of The international music festival "Road to Yalta" to the day of the final of the Festival offline, stage 3 — during the final of The international music festival "Road to Yalta".

    Anyone can vote for the contestants.

    Voting will be carried out on the website


    4.1. The competition is held in the period from 01.12.2019 at 31.12.2020.

    The Beginning of The Competition (01.12.2019)
    Accepting applications on the website (01.12.2019 — 01.04.2020)
    Semi-Final of The Competition (08.05.2020)
    Final of the Competition (September — November 31, 2020)


    5.1. Submission of bids is carried out through the form posted on the website. The contestant must:
    • fill out the form on the site specifying all the requested information (consent to the processing of personal data and confirm your agreement to the terms of the competition);
    • send an email to the Organizer a link to the contestant’s performance of a vocal work in any genre from their own repertoire;
    • send an email to the Organizer Facebook, Instagram link to your own video business card published on your personal page in any of the social networks (Facebook, VK, Instagram);
    • provide a literary translation of the song listed in Annex 1 in your native language.

    5.2. Bids are submitted within the time limits set by the Regulations (section 4). Information about deadlines is published on the site:

    5.3. Requirements for the tender application:
    • a video of a vocal work from your own repertoire must be submitted with a link to an Internet resource with free access to view and download the video to the user’s computer during the entire period of the Contest;
    • video business card is provided in a video file format that meets the minimum technical quality requirements, sufficient for an adequate assessment of the application (image: resolution — at least Full HD, format — MPEG-4; sound: stereo, frequency — at least 44.1 kHz) record video business card should be against the background of a cultural and historical place in the locality, the country of the contestant, or on a green background (chromakey). The vcard must be videotaped with the contestant specified in the competition application. The performer must be clearly visible on the video. The duration of the video card should not exceed 3.5 minutes. you must include the following information: full name, age, country, experience in music and the answer to the question: "Why did you decide to take part in the "Road to Yalta" festival?". An email is sent to the Festival’s email address with a link to a video business card published on a personal page in a social network with free access to viewing (YouTube).

    5.4. When submitting an application, the contestant must immediately send a video of the vocal work and a video business card in addition to the completed questionnaire. The literary translation of the song must be sent no later than two weeks from the date of sending the application.

    5.5. Contest performances are sent to the Contest email address no later than April 01, 2020.

    5.6. The organizer is not responsible for copyright infringement by contestants and third parties. The organizer reserves the right to use the competition applications for non-commercial purposes, but with the mandatory indication of the author’s name.

    5.7. The final information about the results of the qualifying round of the Competition and the participants who made it to the semifinals is sent to the participants of the qualifying round to their personal email addresses after the end of the qualifying round, but no later than April 15, 2020.


    6.1. The competition jury summarizes the results of the II and III stages of the Competition, draws up protocols indicating the number of points scored by each Participant, and passes them to the Organizer after the last participant’s performance. The final score of the participant consists of the semi-final and final and is determined by the Jury members on a ten-point scale.

    6.2. The winner of the Competition is the participant with the highest number of points at the end of stages II and III. The winners of the Contest are the participants who took second and third place.

    6.3. The winners of the festival, who took 1, 2, 3 place, are awarded:

    first place — 30 thousand Euros
    second place — 20 thousand Euros
    third place — 10 thousand Euros

    6.4. The festival organizer provides a special prize and audience award for 10 thousand Euros.

    6.5. The winner of the audience award is determined by online voting on the site:, which is attended by festival-viewers.

    6.6. The Festival organizers provide an additional prize — "Golden like". The prize will be awarded to the contestant whose performance in the YouTube of the Humanitarian World Foundation
    ( will get the most likes from the moment of publication of the speech to the day of the final.

    6.7. All participants of the Contest in all categories are awarded honorary diplomas and valuable prizes.

    6.8. Compensation payment is made in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and is made in rubles at the CBR exchange rate on the date of payment of remuneration and taxed in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


    7.1. The Competition is open to participants who are not citizens of the Russian Federation and not residents in the territory of the Russian Federation, citizens who have reached the age of majority.

    7.2. Compulsory condition for participants is to have the experience in the field of vocal performance art and professional portfolio.


    8.1. The Jury may include artists, actors, representatives of the media and public authorities, as well as representatives of the organizer of the Competition. The Chairman of the Jury is approved by the organizer of the Competition.

    8.2. The semi finalists and winners of the Festival are determined based on the following criteria:

    • the level of skill, expressiveness, quality, culture and technique of performance of the production;
    • artistry of participants and entertainment of the number, production;
    • the presence of a bright idea and its artistic implementation;
    • modernity, originality, relevance, compliance with the stated topic and age of participants;
    • integrity of the number, compliance with the idea and genre of the work, the performing manner of the participants.

    9. OTHER

    9.1. The Contest Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the rules and procedure of the Contest at any time without prior notice.

    9.2. By Submitting an application for participation in the Contest, the Contestant agrees to publish personal data about him (full name), as well as photos and videos of his participation in the international music festival "Road to Yalta" on the official website and in other media.

    9.3. The Organizer has the right to suspend the contestant from participation in the Festival for non-compliance with this Provision, improper behavior on the territory of the Russian Federation, desecration and distortion of historical facts about the great Patriotic war, as well as attacks on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state.
    Song selection
    In the Dugout
    Music by K. Listov, lyrics by A. Surkov
    Performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky:


    The fire twists in a cramped stove
    On the logs there’s tar, like a tear.
    And a little accordion sings to me in the dugout
    About your smile and eyes.

    Bushes whispered to me about you
    In snow-white fields near Moscow.
    I want you to hear
    How yearning my lively voice is voice.

    You’re far, far away now
    There is snow and snow between us.
    It’s not easy for me to reach you
    Though just four steps divide me from death.

    Sing, accordion, in spite of blizzard,
    Call for the happiness which has gone astray.
    I’m warm in the cold dugout
    Because of my unquenchable love.
    Dark-skinned girl
    Music by A. Novikov, lyrics by Y. Shvedov
    Performed by Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army named after A.V. Alexandrov, solo: Dmiry Bykov, Viktor Sanin:


    One summer morning at dawn
    I look into the neighboring garden,
    There is a dark-skinned Moldavian girl
    Picking grapes.
    I’m blushing, I’m turning pale
    I suddenly want to say:
    "Let's meet the dawns of summer
    by the river!"

    Green curly maple, carved leaf,
    I am in love and confused before you.
    Green maple, curly maple
    Yes, curly and carved.

    A dark-skinned Moldavian
    Answered the guy in the mood:
    "We are putting together a Partisan Moldavian squad.
    Partisans are leaving their home early today.
    The road to the partisans in the dense forest is awaiting you"

    Green curly maple, carved leaf,
    Here, at the maple, we will part with you.
    Green maple, curly maple
    Yes, curly and carved.

    And the dark-skinned Moldavian
    Went on the path to the forest.
    I saw as insult that she did not invite me to go with her.
    I often thought at night
    About the Moldavian dark-skinned girl.
    I met my dark-skinned girl
    in the squad again!

    Green curly maple, carved leaf,
    Hello, my good boy, my dear!
    Green maple, curly maple
    Yes, curly and carved.
    Moonlight Night
    Ukrainian traditional song
    Performed by Alexander Malinin:


    Performed by Oleg Pogudin:


    It’s a moonlit, star-clear night,
    It’s so light that you could collect needles.
    Come out, sweetheart, tired of hard work,
    To the grove at least for a minute.

    We sit here under the viburnum
    And over the lords I am the lord,
    Look, my little fish, like a silver wave
    Fog in the field is settling.

    The grove is charming, as if it were strewn with a ray,
    Does it make a dream or sleep,
    It is shakily shakingthe leaves
    On a slender and high axis.

    The sky is full of stars,
    What a Divine Beauty it is!
    Pearls clear dewdrop plays
    Under poplars.

    Don’t be afraid that your bare feet
    Soak in the cold dew,
    I’ll bring you, my faithful, right to the house
    In my own hands.

    Don’t be afraid that you will freeze, my little swan,
    It’s warm, there’s no wind, there’re no clouds.
    I will strain you to my heart,
    Which it is as hot as heat.

    Don’t be afraid someone could hear
    Your quiet talk,
    The nigh has shrouded everybody with dreams,
    There is no fuss in the grove.

    Your enemies are asleep, tired of labor,
    We are not scared of their laughter,
    Should we, robbed by our fate,
    Consider a minute of love a sin.
    We Need One Victory
    Music by B. Okudzhava, lyrics by B. Okudzhava
    Performed by Edward Khil:


    Birds don’t sing here
    Trees don’t grow
    And only we, shoulder to shoulder
    Grow into the earth here.

    The planet is burning and spinning,
    There’s smoke over our homeland
    That means we need one victory,
    One for all, no matter what the price is.

    Deadly fire awaits us
    And yet it is powerless.
    Doubts away, our separate tenth landing battalion
    Goes into the night,

    As soon as the battle fades away
    Another order sounds
    And the postman will go insane
    Looking for us.

    A red rocket takes off
    The machine gun beats tireless
    And so we need one victory,
    One for all, no matter what the price is.

    From Kursk and Orel
    The war brought us
    To the very enemy’s gates.
    There it is, brother!

    Someday we’ll remember this
    And we won’t believe it ourselves.
    But now we need one victory,
    One for all, no matter what the price is.
    Music by M. Blanter, lyrics by M. Isakovsky
    Performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky:


    Apple-trees and pear-trees blossomed,
    Mists floated over the river.
    Katyusha went ashore,
    On a high and steep bank.

    She went out, started the song
    About the steppe, blue eagle,
    About the one she loved
    About the one whose letters she kept.

    Oh you song, a girl’s song,
    Fly after the bright sun,
    Say hello from Katyusha
    To the fighter on the far border.

    Let him remember a simple girl
    Let him hear her sing.
    May he protect the native land,
    And Katyusha will save love.
    The Last Battle
    OST "Liberation"
    Music by M. Nozhkin, lyrics by M. Nozhkin
    Performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky:


    We have not rested for so long.
    We were just not up to rest.
    We plowed half of Europe in plastoon way.
    And tomorrow, finally, there will be the last battle.

    A little more, a little more.
    The last battle is the hardest one.
    And I want to go home to Russia.
    I haven’t seen my mother for so long.

    The fourth year we have no living because these Fritzes.
    Fourth year, there are rivers of salty sweat and blood,
    But I would like to fall in love with a good girl.
    And I would like to touch the motherland.

    For the last time we shall meet in hand-to-hand tomorrow.
    For the last time we can serve Russia.
    It’s not scary to die for motherland.
    Still, everyone hopes to survive.
    Little Blue Headscarf
    Music by E. Perersbursky, lyrics by M. Maksimov
    Performed by Claudia Shulzhenko:


    Little blue plain headscarf
    Fell from lowered shoulders.
    You said you wouldn’t forget
    Affectionate joyful meetings.

    Sometimes at night
    We said goodbye to each other …
    There are no more nights!
    Where are you, little headscarf,
    Sweet, welcome, dear?

    I remember how on a memorable evening
    Your little headscarf fell from your shoulders,
    How you saw me off and promised
    To save the little blue headscarf.

    Let there be
    No my beloved, my dear today.
    I know, you hide a little blue headscarf with love
    To the head of the bed

    Receiving your letters
    I hear a live voice,
    And between the lines a little blue headscarf
    Appears before me again.

    Your appearance often accompanies me
    Into the battle
    I feel you are constantly next to me
    With a loving look.

    How many treasured headscarves
    We carry in overcoats with us.
    We remember in the war days
    Those gentle speeches and girlish shoulders.

    It’s for them, so dear,
    Desired, loved ones
    A machine gunner shoots for the headscarf,
    Which was there on the shoulders of his darling!
    He Did Not Return From The Battle
    Music by V. Vysotsky, words by V. Vysotsky
    Performed by the author:


    Why is everything wrong? It seems everything is as always:
    The same sky is blue again
    The same forest, the same air and the same water,
    But he did not return from the battle.

    Now I don’t understand who was right among us
    In our disputes with no sleep and no rest.
    I didn’t miss him till just now,
    When he did not return from the battle.

    He was silent inappropriately and did not sing along to the beat:
    He always talked about something else.
    He didn’t let me sleep, he got up with sunrise,
    And yesterday he did not return from the battle.

    It is not about how empty I feel now.
    I suddenly remarked: there were two of us.
    It was like a bonfire put out by wind,
    When he did not return from the battle.

    These times spring seems as if it escaped from captivity.
    I called him by mistake:
    "Friend, leave a smoke" - And therewas silense in response…
    He did not return from the battle yesterday.

    Our dead men will not leave us in trouble:
    Our dead men are like sentries.
    The sky is reflected in the forest as in water
    And the trees are blue.

    We had enough space in the dugout,
    Time flowed for us both.
    Everything is now just for one, but it seems to me
    It was me who did not return from the battle.
    Eternal Flame
    OST "Officers"
    Music by R. Khozak, lyrics by E. Agranovich
    Performed by Vasily Lanovoy:


    From the heroes of the past
    Sometimes there are no names left.
    Those who took the mortal battle,
    They just became ground, grass.
    Only the formidable prowess of them
    Has settled in the hearts of the living.
    This eternal flame bequeathed to us alone
    We store in the chest.

    Look at my fighters!
    The whole world remembers their faces.
    That battalion froze in the ranks.
    I recognize old friends again.
    Though they are not even twenty five
    They had to go a hard way.
    Those who closed with bayonets, as one,
    They took Berlin.

    There is no such family in Russia
    Wherever their own hero was not remembered.
    And the eyes of young soldiers
    Look from wilted photos.
    This look is like a high court
    For the guys that are growing now.
    And the boys can neither lie nor deceive,
    Nor turn out of the way.
    Take Your Greatcoat, Let's Go Home
    OST "From Dawn to Dawn"
    Music by V. Levashov, lyrics by B. Okudzhava
    Performed by Bulat Okudzhava:


    You and I, brother, are from the infantry,
    And in summer it is better than in winter!
    We ended the war,
    Take your greatcoat, let’s go home!

    The war bent and mowed us.
    The end came to it too.
    Four years there was mother without a son.
    Take your greatcoat, let’s go home!

    To the ashes of our streets
    Again, my friend,
    The missing starlings returned.
    Take your greatcoat, let’s go home!

    You are sleeping under a plywood star
    With your eyes closed.
    Get up, get up, fellow soldier,
    Take your greatcoat, let’s go home!

    What will I say to your family?
    How do I stand before a widow?
    Should I really swear on yesterday?
    Take your greatcoat, let’s go home!

    We are all war stray children
    Both a general and a private.
    There’s spring again in this world.
    Take your greatcoat, let’s go home!
    What Homeland Begins With
    OST "Shield and Sword"
    Music by V. Basner, lyrics by M. Matusovsky
    Performed by Mark Bernes:


    What does homeland begin with?
    From a picture in your primer,
    With good and faithful comrades,
    Living in a neighboring yard.
    Or maybe it starts
    From the song that our mother sang to us.
    From something that cannot be taken from us
    In any ordeals.

    What does homeland begin with?
    From the treasured bench at the gate,
    From the very birch in the field,
    Which grows bending under the wind.
    Or maybe it starts
    From the spring partying starling
    And from this country road
    Which has no visible end.

    What does homeland begin with?
    From the window lights far away,
    From the old father’s military cap
    We found somewhere in the closet.
    Or maybe it starts
    From the knocking of wagon wheels
    And from the oath that you took in your heart
    In youth.
    Music by Y. Frenkel, lyrics by R. Gamzatov
    Performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky:


    Sometimes I feel like the soldiers,
    Who never returned from the bloodied fields,
    Aren’t perished in our earth,
    But turned into white cranes

    Since those long gone times until today
    They fly and give us signs, so we can hear them.
    Isn’t this why so frequently and sorrowfully
    We fall silent, watching the sky?

    A tired flock is flying, flying up in the sky,
    Through the fog, at the end of the day.
    And among them there’s a small gap,
    Perhaps that’s the place for me.

    The day will come when together with the cranes
    I will float in that same blue-gray mist,
    With a bird’s hailing out of the heavens,
    Calling on all of you, whom I’ve had left down on earth.

    Sometimes I feel like the soldiers,
    Who never returned from the bloodied fields,
    Aren’t perished in our earth,
    But turned into white cranes.
    Music by A. Pakhmutova, lyrics by N. Dobronravov
    Performed by the ensemble "Pesnyary":


    White stork flies,
    Over the white woodlands he flies,
    Belorussian motif
    In the song heather, in the song willows.
    All the earth accepts
    and care and kindness and flame,
    flickering over the earth
    The sunset like a crimson banner.

    My youth,
    Song of a partisan,
    pine trees to the fog.
    Song of a partisan,
    scarlet dawn.
    My youth,

    Our memory passes
    Along the forest path of the partisans,
    Never regrew,
    These paths in the national destiny.
    The pain of these past years
    Lives in and fills each heart,
    In each of our families
    The young children of Khatyn weep.


    White stork flies,
    over the woodlands, over quiet stubble
    Somewhere in the wetlands of the marsh
    The remaining thunder burried.
    White stork flies,
    On and on he flies over his native fields,
    The land of our love
    he signals with big wings.

    Random waltz
    Music by M. Fradkin, lyrics by E. Dolmatovsky
    Performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky:


    The night is short
    The clouds are sleeping
    And lies in my palm
    Your unfamiliar hand.

    After worries
    The town is sleeping.
    I heard a waltz tune
    And looked here for an hour.

    Though I don’t know you at all
    And far from here is my house
    I’m like again
    Near my home…
    In this empty room
    We are dancing together
    So say a word
    I don’t know what.

    We will circle
    Let’s be friends.
    I completely forgot how to dance
    And I beg you to excuse me.

    Morning is calling
    Back on the hike…
    Leaving your little town
    I will pass by your gate.

    The Sacred War
    Music by V. Lebedev-Kumach, lyrics by A. Aleksandrov
    Performed by Choir of the Academic ensemble of the national guard of the Russian Federation:


    Arise, great nation!
    Arise for deadly battle
    With the dark fascist force,
    With the accursed horde!

    Let noble rage
    Boil like a wave —
    The (nation's) war goes on,
    The sacred war!

    Like two opposing poles,
    We are hostile to each other:
    We fight for light and peace,
    They for a kingdom of darkness

    We will rebuff the oppressors
    Of all righteous ideas,
    (And) the rapists, robbers,
    and torturers of people!

    The black wings will not dare
    To soar above our motherland,
    Her vast fields
    The enemy will not dare trample!

    Into the brow of the rotten fascist filth
    We will drive a bullet,
    For this scum of humanity,
    We will make a sturdy coffin!
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