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Songs of festival — “In the Dugout”

Songs of festival — “In the Dugout”

November 1941. Correspondent of Krasnoarmeyskaya Pravda Alexei Surkov arrives in Istra with a group of journalists and immediately gets surrounded.

German tanks cut off the battalion headquarters, located in the village of Kashino, from the battalions. Everyone should have taken up arms. They walked all night, waist-deep in snow, along a minefield. When Surkov and his fighters went to their people, they were asked: “How did you manage to get through the field? Everything is mined there! “What did journalist Surkov think that night? He was thinking about his beloved. “It’s not easy for me to get to you, but four steps to death …” However, the best poems and the best songs are not born to order. They are written in moments when the author simply cannot help writing. “The fire is beating in a cramped furnace, the tar on the logs is like a tear …” Surkov was tired, frozen, but he wrote a letter to his wife. Did he think these lines would go to the front? What will they warm, calm, inspire, raise hundreds of thousands of soldiers, who, like him, are four steps from death?

This song had no pathetics and noisy slogans. “Dugout” was even banned. But the song still sounded. Today in Istra, where exactly Surkov wrote the poem “In the dugout”, there is a monument dedicated to the song. Moreover, “Dugout” has become popular abroad. It has been translated into several languages.

At the festival “Road to Yalta”, the song “In the dugout” will be sure to sound. But in what language it will be executed, it will become known when the acceptance of applications for the competition will end. Follow the news of the festival!