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Why the Festival was placed in Yalta

Why the Festival was placed in Yalta

Yalta city, where our music festival will be held, is of great importance for the post-war world.

75 years ago in Crimea, in Yalta, one of the most significant meetings of the 20th century was held — the Yalta Conference.

Initially, they wanted to hold the meeting in the UK, then in Malta, in Athens, Cairo or Rome. Joseph Stalin insisted on holding a conference on the territory of the Soviet Union. Doctors did not recommend long-distance flights to him, the war was on, Stalin was not allowed to leave. The main goal was to show foreign delegations what the Nazis left behind.

Roosevelt later wrote: “I saw Sevastopol and Yalta, and I know that German militarism and Christian virtue cannot exist on earth at the same time”.

By the way, one of the oldest streets of Yalta is named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt himself during the conference lived with the American delegation in the Livadia Palace. The US President liked Yalta so much that he planned after retirement to ask the Soviet government to sell him Livadia. This unusual request was recorded in the transcript of the conversation between Roosevelt and Stalin: “Roosevelt says that he feels very well in Livadia. When he will no longer be president, he would like to ask the Soviet government to sell him Livadia. He loves forestry very much. He would plant a large number of trees on the mountains near Livadia. “.