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A.F. Golodniy
“01” November 2019


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A.F. Golodniy
“17” march 2020



1.1. These Regulations determine the procedure and regulations for the 1st international vocal competition «Road to Yalta» (hereinafter referred to as the Competition).

1.2. Preparations for and conduct of the Competition are carried out by the Foundation for Assistance to Compatriots in the Humanitarian and Social Problems Zones «HUMANITARIAN WORLD» (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer), which is within its competence:

  • the main governing body of the Competition, carries out general management and control;
  • carries out operational management of events within the framework of the Competition;
  • organizes rewarding of winners and laureates of the Competition;
  • approves the Jury;
  • establishes the procedure and records the results of the Competition;
  • approves the Regulation on the Competition and monitor its compliance.

1.3. The operational management of the contest is carried out by the Organizing Committee:

  • engages with information partners of the Competition;
  • places information about the Competition on the Internet site and in other mass media;
  • provides organizational and technical support of the Competition, the activities of Jury.

1.4. Information about the Competition is available on the website:



2.1. The festival is held in order:

  • involvement of the foreign audience in the national musical traditions and strengthening the true image of the Soviet soldier-liberator;
  • popularization of Crimea among foreign citizens as a hospitable and attractive region for tourism;
  • preservation of historical memory and continuity of generations on the basis of song art about the great Patriotic war and the feats of the Soviet people.

2.2. Tasks of the festival:

  • organization of a correspondence competition among foreign artists on the best performance of the popular soviet songs in the national languages of the contestants;
  • creation of a platform in the Republic of Crimea for strengthening and expanding informal contacts of political, cultural and business circles on the basis of «musical diplomacy»;
  • holding a gala concert of the festival, performance of wartime songs by foreign finalists in duets with Russian artists and summing up the results of the competition by the jury;
  • attracting a community of bloggers from different countries and mass media to promote the goals of the festival and highlight the main stages of its implementation;
  • involvement of foreign audiences in the Soviet art of songs.



3.1. The announcement of the Competition and the beginning of the competition procedures is made by the Organizer through the media and by publishing information on the website.

3.2. The procedure for conducting competitive procedures includes the following stages:

STAGE I – QUALIFYING. Pre-selection of contestants is carried out by the Organizer by collecting bids and evaluating their compliance with the established requirements.

According to the results of the first stage, the Organizer forms a list of 15 (fifteen) contestants who received the highest final ratings.

The selected contestants are invited to participate in the II and III stages of the Competition.

STAGE II – SEMI-FINAL. Participants of the semi-final round are invited to complete a special competitive task. The organizing Committee determines the song to be performed for the participant of the semi-final. Tasks for the semi-final of the Competition are sent personally to the email addresses of the participants who passed the qualifying round. The selected contestants must send a video performance of the received song to the following email address: no later than March 26, 2021. The Competition jury evaluates and comments on the performance of the contestants during the semi-final round, draws up protocols indicating the number of points scored by each participant of the Competition and transmits them to the Organizing Committee.

STAGE III – THE FINAL. All participants who participated in the semi-final round and were admitted by the decision of the Competition Jury are allowed to enter the final round.

3.3. Participants selected to participate in the semi-finals of the Festival, must send within the period stipulated in paragraph 5.4.:

  • to send to the Organizer by e-mail a link to a private video card posted on your personal page in any of the social networks (Facebook,VK, Instagram);
  • provide a literary translation of any song listed in Appendix 1 in your native language.

Requirements for submitted materials:

  • the video business card is provided in a video file format that meets the minimum requirements for technical quality, sufficient for an adequate assessment of the application (image: resolution-at least Full HD, format- MPEG-4; sound: stereo, frequency-at least 44.1 kHz) Record the video business card against the background of a cultural and historical place in the locality, the country of the contestant or on a green background (chromakey). The video recording of the business card must be made with the contestant who is specified in the competition application. The performer must be clearly visible on the video. The duration of the video card should not be more than 3.5 minutes, you must include the following information: full name, age, country, experience of musical activity and the answer to the question: “Why did you decide to take part in the festival “Road to Yalta”. An email is sent to the Festival’s email address with a link to a video business card published on a personal page in a social network with free access to viewing (YouTube);
  • literary translation of any of the songs listed in Appendix 1 in the native language. The file should be saved in pdf format.

3.4. The Organizing Committee has the right to announce an additional selection of contestants for participation in the Festival.

3.5. The Organizing Committee of the Festival provides for voting for the audience award. Voting begins on April 02, 2021 and will last until 21.00 on May 01, 2021. The results are announced during the final of the Festival.

3.6. Anyone can vote for the contest participants. Voting will be carried out on the website



4.1. The competition is held in the period from 01.10.2020 to 01.05.2021.

Start of the Contest (01.10.2020)

Accepting applications on the website (01.10.2020-28.02.2021)

Semi-final of the Competition (29.04.2021)

Final of the Competition (01.05.2021)



5.1. Submission of bids is carried out through the form posted on the website. The contestant must:

  • fill out the form on the website with the indication of all the requested information (to give consent to the processing of personal data and confirm your consent to the terms of the contest);
  • send it to the Organizer by e-mail a link to the contestant’s performance of a vocal piece in any genre from their own repertoire;

5.2. Competitive applications are submitted within the time limits established by the Regulations (Section 4). Information about the terms is posted on the website:

5.3. Requirements for the tender application:

  • a video of a vocal work from your own repertoire must be submitted with a link to an Internet resource with free access to viewing and downloading the video to the user’s computer during the entire period of the Competition;

5.4. Contest numbers are provided to the Contest email address no later than March 26, 2021, but after receiving confirmation of the passage of this participant to the Semifinals of the Festival.

5.5. The Organizer is not responsible for copyright infringement by the contestants and third parties. The organizer reserves the right to use the competition applications for non-commercial purposes, but with the mandatory indication of the author’s name.

5.6. The final information about the results of the qualifying round of the Competition and the participants who have qualified for the semi-finals will be sent to the participants of the qualifying round to their personal email addresses after the end of the qualifying round, but no later than March 10, 2021.



6.1. Jury summarizes the results of the II and III stage of the Competition, prepares reports specifying the number of points earned by each participant of the Contest, submit it to the Organizer after the last member. The final score of the participant consists of the semi-final and final and is determined by the Jury members on a ten-point scale.

6.2. The winner of the Competition is the participant who scored the highest number of points at the end of the II and III stages. The winners of the Competition are the participants who took the second and third place.

6.3. The winners of the festival, who took 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, are awarded:

first place – 2 million rubles

second place – 1.5 million rubles

third place – 1 million rubles

6.4. The organizer of the festival provides a special prize and the audience award for 500,000 rubles.

6.5. The winner of the audience award is determined by online voting on the website: in which the audience of the festival takes part.

6.6. All participants of the Contest in all categories are awarded with honorary diplomas and valuable prizes.

6.7. The remuneration shall be in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and is made in rubles at the exchange rate ruling on the date of payment of the remuneration shall be taxable in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.



7.1. The Competition is open to foreign nationals under the age of majority.

7.2. Participants must have experience in the field of vocal performing arts and a professional portfolio.

7.3. The Contestant has the right to refuse to participate in the Competition at any of its stages, having previously notified the Organizing Committee before the planned date of termination of participation in the Competition.



8.1. The Jury may include artists, actors, representatives of the media and state authorities, as well as representatives of the Organizer of the Competition. The Chairman of the Jury is approved by the Organizer of the Competition.

8.2. The semi-finalists and winners of the Festival are determined based on the following criteria:

  • the level of skill, expressiveness, quality, culture and technique of performance of the production;
  • the artistry of the participants and the entertainment of the numbers, performances;
  • the presence of a bright idea and its artistic implementation;
  • modernity, originality, relevance, compliance with the stated topic and age of participants;
  • the integrity of the number, compliance with the idea and genre of the work, the performance style of the participants.



9.1. The Organizer of the Contest reserves the right to make changes to the rules and procedure of the Contest at any time without prior notice.

9.2. By submitting an application for participation in the Competition, the participant agrees to the publication on the official website and in other mass media of personal data about him (full name), as well as photos and videos with his participation in the International Music Festival «Road to Yalta».

9.3. The Organizer has the right to suspend the contestant from participating in the Festival for non-compliance with this Provision, improper behavior on the territory of the Russian Federation, desecration and distortion of historical facts about the Great Patriotic War, as well as encroachments on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state.