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Songs of fest — “We Need One Victory”

Songs of fest — “We Need One Victory”

Leonid Brezhnev could not hold back his tears, Bulat Okudzhava was shy, and Nina Urgant refused to sing. All this is about the iconic, touching, one of the favorite songs about the war — “We need one victory.”

It was written specifically for the film “Belarusian Station”. The director of the film, Andrei Smirnov, searched for a song for a long time, rejected the lyrics one by one. In the end, he decided to turn to the front-line poet Bulat Okudzhava. But he refused to write. He said that he was writing prose, a lot of work, he advised him to find someone else.

Andrei Smirnov decided on a desperate step — he showed the bard the already shot material. Bulat Okudzhava liked it. After a while, he brought the finished song. All the music for the film was written by composer Alfred Schnittke. Okudzhava immediately warned that he didn’t offer his melody, it was simply more convenient for him to write this way — right to the music. In general, he sat down at the piano. “Uncertainly, in a kind of wild excitement, I began to sing,” then Okudzhava recalled.

Alfred Schnittke defused the tense atmosphere: “Listen, it’s very interesting.” He himself began to play the Okudzhava melody.

So the song “We Need One Victory” became an integral part of the picture “Belorussky Train Station” and the work of the actress, who performed it, Nina Urgant. The film crew recorded a lot of takes. Nina Urgant began to cry while singing.

They say that he could not hold back his tears when he heard a song at the presentation of the film, and Leonid Brezhnev.

Birds don’t sing here
Trees don’t grow
And only we, shoulder to shoulder
Grow into the earth here.

The planet is burning and spinning,
There’s smoke over our homeland.
That means we need one victory,
One for all, no matter what the price is,
One for all, no matter what the price is.

This awesome song is sure to sound at the music festival “Road to Yalta.” But who will perform it and in what language — we will find out very soon. Acceptance of applications for participation in the competition, the main prize of which is 30 thousand euros, ends on March 15.