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What else Yalta famous for?

What else Yalta famous for?

The birthplace of the longest trolleybus route, the most famous donkey, the largest international project. And also — the birthplace of the music festival “Road to Yalta”. All this, of course, the resort city of Yalta. The most popular in Crimea and one of the main resorts in Russia is located in the southern part of the Crimean peninsula.

From the north, Yalta is reliably protected by high mountains. Due to this, the climate in Yalta is mild, comfortable. From May to October in Yalta you can swim.

But what else is interesting in this city, besides resort attractiveness?

The name Yalta comes from the ancient Greek word “yalos”, which means “shore”. In the 1st century AD, Greek sailors fell into a storm. When they were already desperate to escape, a shore appeared on the horizon. The Greeks shouted: “Yalos! Yalos!”. So, thanks to the Greek sailors, the first settlements appeared on the southern coast of Crimea.

The city of Yalta is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The fact is that between Yalta and Simferopol an unusual trolleybus route passes. It is the longest in the world — 86 kilometers.

Another celebrity of Yalta is Lucy’s donkey. She carried Shurik on herself in the “Caucasian captivity”. And after 40 years, Lucy, who lived in the Yalta Zoo, was again called to the cinema. She starred in the movie of Fedor Bondarchuk — “Ninth company”.

Yalta entered world history as a place in which, one might say, the UN was born. Political leaders decided to create an international organization during the Yalta Conference.